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Vajacials and why they are awesome!

Lets be real- between menstruation, sexual intercourse, & child birth, the vagina deals with a lot! Yet, its one of the last places that we ever pamper and treat to a spa day. (Rude!)

Vaginal skin is delicate and sensitive- it also can show signs of aging. A Vajacial provides soothing nutrients to the skin of the vulva and bikini line area. It does not actually deal with the inner labia or vaginal canal. Vajacials are a great way to even out the skin tone around the bikini, treat/prevents irritation due to shaving or waxing, and promotes body positivity.

Why get a Vajacial?

This treatment helps treat ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps due to dead skin cell built up and hair removal, helps prevent acne and ingrowns, treats any hyperpigmentation, and provides/maintains hydration of the skin.

What’s the process?

The treatment will typically last for about 50 minutes. It includes a cleanse, mild exfoliant, extractions of any ingrown hairs or acne, a soothing jelly mask, and finished with hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer. Brightening serum may also be used to address skin tone concerns.

Is this a Vaginal Steaming Treatment?

No. While steam is included in the service, it is not a vaginal steaming treatment. You do not sit over the steam in a chair. The steam is directed from above so it just helps open your pores as you lay back preventing the steam from traveling up the vaginal canal which can cause bacteria imbalance.

OK, but it is weird?

You may feel shy at your first appointment, but your comfort and privacy are top priority during the treatment. Extra steps are included in the treatment to help you relax those first-time jitters- including aromatherapy and hand massage. You may also add on extras like a soothing eye or lip treatment. You lay reclined on a massage table in a comfortable position during your treatment- no awkward positions that expose more than necessary.

More questions? Please never hesitate to ask!

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